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     I have been a practicing attorney for over twenty years. I graduated from Western New England University Law School in 1996, Magna Cum Laude (with high honors) and obtained an LL.M (masters in law) in estate planning and elder law, also from Western New England University Law School in 2007.  I am licensed in both Colorado and Florida.


     As an estate planning attorney, I am passionate about making the planning process understandable and comfortable. I have dedicated my estate planning practice to helping families achieve the peace of mind that comes with creating a personal legacy and promoting family harmony.


     I guide my clients through a process that many find daunting and unfamiliar. I have found that planning for death and disability is often put off or ignored altogether because people find the process mysterious, intimidating and overwhelming. I, therefore, strive to identify my clients' concerns and journey with them through the process, making sure that they understand the issues as we develop an estate plan together that embodies their unique wishes and desires.


     I help my clients implement their own personalized plan that reflects what is important to them. A good estate plan is so much more than deciding who gets what.  It is a legacy planning tool where family values and traditions are handed down to the next generation. I believe a well thought-out estate plan promotes family harmony. It is most gratifying to see clients achieve peace of mind knowing their family is protected and their family stories and traditions are preserved.


     Good estate planning is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ proposition.  No two families are alike.  Each estate plan is customized to the client’s unique needs.  Each client is given personal attention.  Communication is clear and in plain English.  Once I learn a client’s specific goals and desires, I present options and make recommendations that are simple and understandable.  I return telephone calls promptly and I deliver top-quality legal documents in a timely fashion. 


     I treat clients with dignity and respect and work to create a warm and memorable client experience.  The bottom line is that I treat clients in the same manner I would want to be treated.  Estate planning is not a one-time transaction. It is a lifelong process that grows as a client’s family dynamics change. I aspire to have my clients see me as their trusted advisor for life, walking with them every step of the way.

                                                                                     Richard Selinger

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